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DAEMON Tools 10.2.0

DAEMON Tools 10.2.0 Free Download

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Ease your work with different virtual devices with DAEMON Tools

DAEMON Tools is a CD and DVD software that allows you to create several virtual devices at the same time.

It’s a comfortable tool with which you can work properly having different devices with your personal information inside. In fact, DAEMON Tools lets you to have up to 4 DT and SCSI virtual devices.

Besides, this program includes an image compressor which is quite useful if you have a great amount of pictures or just need to send them via email. Similarly, if you want to keep your images under control, you have the option of establishing a password.

DAEMON Tools’ simplicity

DAEMON Tools has a really clear and simple interface, which is adapted to everyone’s level. However, its simplicity can be a strong point for novices, or a weakness for advanced users.

If you think that you need something powerful, DAEMON Tools Net could be a great solution. It allows you to have up to 32 virtual devices at the same time, apart of other advanced features such as mounting images on other remote computers, convert images or the iSCSI Server.

Other characteristics

DAEMON Tools have other possibilities like creating images. This feature is still something quite simple because you can’t do great changes or retouching.

But its simple image creator could be enough for beginners. However, the next DAEMON Tools program, DAEMON Tools Pro Standard has a complete set for retouching images like a collection management, edit and split them.

DAEMON Tools includes the possibility of burning images, although you need Astroburn Lite installed. This program is effective and simple, and it allows you to burn any kind of data, so you can use it for more activities than burning images from DAEMON Tools.


DAEMON Tools is a quite complete program with which you could work with several virtual devices at the same time. It has an easy-to-use interface and some basic features for those who don’t have too much experience in using computer programs.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Up to 4 virtual devices
  • Image compression
  • Data protection


  • Quite simple for advanced users

free download


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